Saturday, January 26, 2008

A very nice "terrible movie"~

Juz now having a movie at Jusco~
As wat my fren said,It's a terrible movie..
But,after watching it,why i can't find any terrible feelings??

The story began with a song...sung by the Johhny Depp...
Actually, I was very shocked hearing it!!
Isn't that this is a movie that will frighten others?
Then why the beginning starts with a sweet-hearing song??

However,It did contain of some terrible elements~
Like the actor killed people with his knife...
And the blood spreaded everywhere~
And the Mrs. Loovet used the meat of the person he killed to bake her piesSs...
It's really disgusting!!!

But,I'm not the one soO cruel~
The main reason i like it,
It's bcoz of the songs~
I like those songs~~~
And the lyrics are really nice..
I like musical movie~~

= Sweeney Todd =
Yea~Nice movie!!!


Jiayi said...

哈 营造出来的恐怖气氛是有
可是 下一步都被我猜到
我真的太天才了 :)
不过 真的很棒
我喜欢 johnny depp.

PSY said...

Sorry was busy about my work recently.
but just found time in between my blocks of pbl so i entered your blogspace.
Anyway how are you doing?
i am practically finding myself doing alot of stupid studying to do with social sciences of medicine and noting to do with medicine as a pure science itself.

Well i haven't watched the movie for myself but i heard some reviews about it.
come on it is a musical what do you expect haahaha
if he didn't start off with a song it won't be a musical wouldn't it?
besides johnny depp singing....
he has the gut and voice for that i feel as a spectator we must truely enjoy that.
anyway keep intouch...