Sunday, March 16, 2008

What have i done today?

After all the midterm tests and assignments..
finally i can take a long breath now~

Yea~everything has gone...
and I can stop down to look at the great view around now...

But, actually,too free without anything to be bothered,
is it a good thing to me?

Just like today!!
I have nothing to do...but just walk around and watch movies...
And now,i don't even have any motivation to start doing my homework~
It's the impact of being TOO FREE~

After 4 weeks,that's one month..
I'll have my final exam..
Haven't started preparing it..
Also don't have any motivation to start it..
But i know,
I must get good result to score a high mark in my Econ..
Because of not doing good in last exam...
Yea....maybe can't say 'not good' but 'bad' or 'too bad',
that i can't forgive myself...
It's all because of being too proud in taking the paper..
The subject that i like the most...
And i won't forget this lesson...lesson of being too confident...

Mary,try your best to score what u have desired to get!!
Aza-aza Fighting**

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