Saturday, September 13, 2008


ahh~~this few days I'm so worried as my dad went to Taiwan ald...
But,he din contact me for several days ald...
I thought that he doesn't wan us ald~~
haha~~~Stupid thought!!!!
Juz now he contacted us ald!!haha~~
Wait for his call many days ald!!
finally no need to worry about him...
and get to mknow that he is fine there..and has wonderful moment there..
Daddy,I juz hope that u can throw away those unhappy things..
can create ur happy future..
Although we have lost sth very important in out life,
but i know that she'll not wan us to keep this situation continue...
I really love u,daddy~
Now, u r the only one i love the most in the world..
so pls take good care of urself...
dun let me worry about u..k?

Hope that everyth in taiwan is fine~~~


i am white said...

y don't tell me that your dad is at taiwan now!?
maybe i can go to find him~ ha

this few days taiwan got typhoon,
hope that it wil not effect too much and your dad stil can enjoy his traveling~ =]

wenpey said...

dun worry dear,
everything will be fine.
our parents wont let us worry about them coz we are FAMILY.=)
FAMILY=father and mother i love you

cmei said...

hi..mary..jz pass here to said hi with u..
be strong...
forget to say ...i am zhen mei..