Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm jealous with this couple!!

Edward and Bella

What a handsome guy~

I wish that I would have a friend like this..

PS:I have been crazy with this novels~~~I just ordered a set of it online..RM125 for a set (paperbacks)..Is it worth??
Omg~~I've spent alot of $$ this month leh...
But really can't stand for that..
Have to be more careful in spending for next month..
No new clothes and entertainments for next month!!

Btw, I have a website to recommend to those frens who are interested in buying English novels with a cheaper
Any books you wish to buy but cvan't get it, you can ask for their help.
The postage fees are not expensive as well~ =)

Lastly, I would like to say...I'm really crazy for the Twilight now~~
And quite satisfied after reading it-
Looks like the cat that ate the canary~
(learned from the Twilight^^)


Hui Leng said...

u think it worth then it worth lo.

Hui Leng said...