Thursday, April 8, 2010

Get Out

Get Out
Uploaded by Esma-Movie. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online.

wow~thanks to Wei Seng for sharing this awesome video with us..

At the beginning of this video, I thought it was talking about a case of a psycho patient,
but, at the end, the ending is very unpredictable...

I have to say that this is really a good video..
no wonder it received several awards in the international stage.

erm..I still can't get the reason why the baby is so reluctant to get to the world?
Is it the same for all of us when it reaches the moment to GET OUT from our mum's placenta?
erm...I don't know the answer as I have forgotten the feeling when I was at that moment..
Maybe this matches the theory from the Buddhist that ppl coming to this world is to repay their debts..if you have cleared all your debts, you are able to live happily in the heaven.
erm...I'm wondering is the director a Buddhist??


Anonymous said...

还蛮有意思的嘛 ^__^


巨蟹男 said...

welcome sister mary...

it's really meaningful...
but ur imagination really make me laugh...

buddhist arr?? haha...