Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ricky,Happy Birthday~^*^

Happy birthday to u~
Happy birthday to u~
Happy birthday to RickYyy~~
Happy birthday to Uuu~~~

I think u 'll like me to write in Mandarin..
coz it'll make u difficult to read and understand~
Therefore,I'll show the bottom of my heart to u in English!!

Ricky,as what u know,I appreciate u very much!!
V are the matchest machi!!!hehe~~~
Today is ur Big Big Super BIG day..
I would like to tell u that------
I LOVE U very MUCH!!!!
(of course as a buddy lar!!)

Really hope that u'll b my forever machi~~
Still remember our promise??

Anyway,Enjoy ur life and lastly,

U r the most handsome guy!!!


Jiayi said...

he is your matchest machi? o.O
obviously, i overestimate myself.

Zhen Yi said...

ya right
and im the cutest!