Friday, November 28, 2008


I never thought that It will be so low...
But...It's a fact...
And all the things that i can do,
is just accept it.

My Organisational Behaviour assignment just scored 69/100..
It is only 27.9 if convert to over 40..
To many people,
maybe it's quite high ald.
However,to me and of course my other groupmates,
it is not...

With this low coursework mark,
I have to work much harder to score an A or even A- in final...
This, however, is not predicted by me initially...

This sem only has two subjects..
But this two subjects i also can't score well...
I really feel ashamed to myself...

How to maintain my result?
I'm really confused about it.

I'll keep this low mark inside my mind..
And next time,the same mistake will not repeat anymore.
This is what i promise to myself.
And hopefully, I can make it.

Wish me goodluck in my final~


wenpey said...

it is enough if you try your best!
*good luck to you* =)

white said...


嗯... 我們可以一起討論的說 =]
OB很好玩, 我們要愛上他>.<

ps:我像我應該也會考很爛吧 = =+

Anonymous said...

gd luck to all of u!!

hui leng~