Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Moon

There is really a thing between me and Twilight Saga..
I don't know why..I just can't be normal when dealing with it..

Today is a lovely day since I went to watch New Moon this afternoon with my housemates~
And, I have to say--"Finally I watched it already~~~~!!"
You just have no idea on how hard I've been waiting for it..
It's been months....with only Twilight (the 1st one) can satisfy my need...
*Phew*~~finally...makes me want to sing Fergie's "Finally"~hah~

Before the movie started, I was so excited!!
with no reason...
I think I really have been fallen in love with Twilight Saga badly...
But, God, pls allow me to do so and no need to save me..hehe..^^

Edward, still as handsome as before..
Bella, prettier than last episode..
Jacob, just can say "wow wow wow~"

When Edward left Bella, it made me really hurt..
Just like I can feel the pain myself..
The pain was being enlarged when Bella asked Edward that does he do not want her,
and Edward answered "NO"...

If I were Bella, I don't think that I can survive...

And when Edward told Bella that he has a requirement if
Bella wants Edward to change her himself,
"Marry me.."
I shouted loudly inside my mind that
"I do!!I do!!"
My Edward.....

Frankly, the pace of this movie is too fast ald..
I just wish that I could spend my whole noon time to watch the movie..
Even spend my whole life watching it I also never mind~~
And, I'm really looking forward to its drama...*.*

Some people opt that this movie is not nice..
To me, it's not about nice or not nice..
It's become a need to watch it..
Like I need the air for my everyday life..
And, obviously I've been addicted to this "air"!!

Still as before..
I wish to watch it again...
not just once, but again, and again, and again...
until the day I've tired of it...
(but I don't think that day will come..hah~)

erm....mayb this sem break I'll re-read the Twilight Saga (book) one more time...
Anyone pls don't stop me...

And, for your info,
I watch this movie and addicted to it (book or movie),
it's not because of Robert Pattinson..
but it's because of Edward Cullen!!
His personality..his love to Bella...
everything about him makes me can't take my eyes off him..
Stephen Meyer is really good at knowing what girls need in a boyfriend..

pls come faster~~~
haiz...still have one more year to wait for it....

So paiseh when taking this photos in front of so many ppl queuing up to buy tickets..

Going to keep this ticket!!!

Sth really funny seen this afternoon at the swimming suit department..This is Malay female swimming suit...really.....NICE...


TSL- C ling said...

哎~~ 你开心就好...

wen pey said...

不过我相信 这只是过渡期
不久的以后 你会恢复正常~
ps: yes, i agree that swimming suit is REALLY NICE..faster buy it and go to swim together k:p

Anonymous said...

u r not shout"i do"in ur mind lor~
u juz shout it out bside me lor~
haha XD
u should thx me as a photographer leh~
although my technique is not good~


Anonymous said...

my goodness, u r really poisoned too much by twilight... what's so good about edward anyway? lolz...

< 佑 >

Anonymous said...

wah~~their swimming suit got fashion also...

i heard that u watched the movie for 3 times??! u really addicted to itxD