Friday, December 4, 2009

Thx Kent...

Just now my day was cloudy..
but now..the cloud has been removed by someone--Kent~~

Thx alot~
Mayb the jogging plays a role as well..
But, the fact cloudy mood disappeared ald~~~~
This is what I really want!!
The normal Mary is back!

For those things that are happened ald,
just throw them away~
Don't keep them inside..

That's where a rubbish belongs~


Devil~Tears said...

haha! Wow, i like the title! XD haha!
Anyway, I m glad that I done my one of my hobbies ^^
Bring ppl out from their chaos XD

Hope u stay strong always!
Dun get influence by other people.
Believe that u urself are good!
Confident also play an important roles o!
So be confident of who urself are rite now ^^

Take care ^^

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