Thursday, July 29, 2010

What a LUCKY day!!

Today is a lucky day!!
Guess what?
Just now I went to Maybank to withdraw money for household..
The total I withdrew is RM1000..
And, all of the money also with the "50 yrs" words!!
(According to Teoh, this is the limited ringgit notes printed by our Malaysia Govt..Just this yr has...)

So, B4 this, I just had one this kind of cash note..
but now, I have 20sssss~~~ point also..
Coz total of RM800 has to pass to my dad..

The 1st day of receiving salary,
then my account empty ed...

*According to my dad, this photo is to show that he affords to buy the pineapple biscuits =.=" *
Another sayings: These are the most precious elements in the world -- Food & Wealth.

1 comment:

Ah Teoh said...

still rmb what i am saying ah.......
but now this RM50 has no value ad because everywhere u can get it....
LAST TIME selling for RM55??
luckily i am not those stupid guys to buy this note